Rebirth ///

it's three in the morning. i decided to clear all the posts from this blog and start over. maybe later i will recover some of the older posts. maybe. I don't know. I've made the idiotic decision that I'm going to use this wretched slice of the internet to puke out everything that I've carefully kept locked inside my stupid fucking head. am I going to regret this? Undoubtedly. I fear that I've realized this far too late, but it's incredibly damaging to keep your opinions/thoughts/feelings so deep within yourself, that you're left with a timid husk of a human that cannot interact with others on even the most basic of levels. I know if you've ever attempted a conversation with me, it was uncomfortable and awkward and whatever first impression I gave was wholly untrue to who I am. sorry. Kindly erase that pathetic person from your memory. she doesn't exist anymore and she never really did anyway.